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Green Carbon Board - LED Illuminated Fluorescence Message Board


This fluorescence message board is the latest tool in writing and painting with a luminous effect. You can use it in dark places where the texts or pictures on it are visible and very eye-catching .

1. LED Illuminated Fluorescence technology
2. Rewritable design
3. Low battery consumption (low-carbon concept)
4. Attached frame

With this fluorescence board, you won’t need to worry about forgetting important issues. You can leave message on the board and your families, friends or colleagues will get the message -even at night. It’ll remind you to take specific action when you first connect. In addition, you can use this fluorescence board to create a romantic atmosphere and express your feelings to your loved one.

[ ankaka.com/green-carbon-board-led-illuminated-fluorescence-message-board_p48089.html ]

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