A good image, for me, raises questions, intrigues.
It's the imperfections in an image that makes me aware of it's essence and aesthetics.
This is free work, desire to experiment, curious about many things..
Where does photography stop and where starts film...?
How does grain of 8 mm film feel, when we are getting so used to the digital images?
What happens when you mix them?
For me a good reason to shoot and experiment again with the 8 mm film, the stock that generated my love for film in the first place.

director & d.o.p.: Daniel Gallenkamp N.S.C.
editor: Allard Zoetman
actresses: Nadine Rodenburg & Nellie Benner
light & camera assistance: Simon Claessen
set assistance: Kick Schluter
color grading: Marijn Eken
production: Jan Willem Bloem
music: Massive Attack
thanks to MacGyver Amsterdam for the support

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