Design Challenge:
Teaching about wine can be a tricky presentation, especially when the learner isn't tasting in person. The wine coach at My Wine Smarts was looking to provide a concentrated learning experience so that in about 10 minutes learners could pick up not only basic terms and common types of sparkling wines, but also a variety of producers consumers could look for with the instructional intentions of appropriate flavor anchors rather than pushing specific wines at consumers.

The design intention is to support constructing one's own wine knowledge, rather than developing a personal schema for wine distorted by the unfortunately much more common wine sales pitch disguised as wine education content consumers are familiar with.

Design Structure:
A brief motion graphics with integrated video introduces this program, followed by the human expert introduction to establish presence and purpose, then the substance of the 10-minute lesson. The wrap up suggests additional wine basics resources available freely on the client's web site.

Design Concerns:
With a number of producer names, wine grape types and geographic boundaries to represent the impulse to maintain visual presence of the wine coach yielded largely to an instructional demand for text and synchronized graphics.

Design Questions (Your 2-cents invited):
Is the human expert lost under the detail of wine content?
Is 10 minutes of wine instruction too long in today's 1-minute world?
How would it be possible using online video to differentiate the wine coach's constructivist approach to wine education from the crush of more commercially-inspired and commonplace wine sales education sessions?

Short description for the finished video:
In this episode, we'll talk about some of the basic terms used to describe sparkling wines, including what you can learn from the name and the label of a sparkling wine. We will also describe the most common types of sparkling wines and offer suggestions for producers you can try in each category.

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