Italia 2007
Length: 30'
Screenplay: Cuini Amelio Ortiz
Director: Cuini Amelio Ortiz / Annalisa Vozza
Production assistant in Argentina: Cristina Marchese
Photography: Ariel Ludin
Sound: Pablo Milstein
Editing: Giovanni Santonocito y Annalisa Vozza
Production: AE Media Corporation
It is called the “cinema at the end of the world” and given where it is located, there’s no doubt where the name comes from. We are literally at the end of the world: the Antarctic Peninsula, an endless white landscape where as far as the eye can see there’s nothing but snow and ice.“
Latitude 90”, this is the name of the cinema at the heart of the Antarctic Circle. Open since last April, the projection room is furnished with 50 comfortable seats and a modern projector for screening films. “Latitude 90” is located on the Argentinean base of Jubany and was built under the initiative of the Argentinean National Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) to the joy of the small community living in the surrounding area who share nothing more than the cold, the darkness of the winter and insomnia in the summer.
Without a doubt, the development of media has changed the attitude of man in regard to cinema. However, the cinema remains a centre of social life… and how does this social life express itself in a cinema at the end of the world? Is the cinema more magical here?

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