Bamma 6 was created as a piece of On Air Promotional Material to highlight the new acquisition of Mix Martial Arts to Syfy. However not to use the same Sport Based Edit / Promo devise for a Mix Martial Event, the creative hook was to highlight the super strength and ability the fighters have when entering the ring. Much like our favourite superheroes, these fighters have super natural strength from all the training, dedication and commitment they have for the sport.
This was very much the creative foundation when executing this On Air Promotional Shoot. The energy, and focus on the fighters was something, which needed to be highlighted in order to invite new viewers as well as retain existing.
The following Montage shows some of the On Air creative executions for this event.

Head of Creative – Adam Cole
Design Director – Dan Aldridge
Producer – Lydia Henny
Animators – Samuel Harvey, Jason Symson & Antonio Cerullo
Audio - James Taylor

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