By no means was this an elaborately planned setup.

I decided to try out both cameras today, not doing a side-by-side comparison, but more a test to see if I could be a lightweight run and gun one-man multicam!

Basically I took the new Sony HX9v camera and mounted it on top of my Canon 5D Mark II in attempt to be able to shoot both the safe wide shot while getting the roving zoom in/out shots to edit between.

Of course if I were to have spent more time on this I would have ideally set this up with a shoulder or steadycam mount along with an L bracket and external mic, but this setup consisted of just the 2 cameras and an LCD Viewfinder.

Sony was set on daylight white balance setting and the Canon was shot using Technicolor profile and then a quickie color correct. I was pretty happy with the results, despite it being an uncontrolled situation.

I look forward to trying this in a different event and intercutting some slow motion with it.

Lens: Canon 24-105 EF L USM w/IS on
Sony was set at widest angle 24mm

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