Proto-type Theater is a young company of multi-disciplinary artists interested in live performance. Creating original works that are diverse in scale, subject and medium, Proto-type is currently exploring the distributed narrative and the nature of love and death. Proto-type's work is crafted to create experiences which challenge the audience to think and engage.

Third Person: Bonnie & Clyde (Redux) recounts the infamous story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow on their three-year spree of bank robbery and murder, which ended abruptly in 1934 when they were ambushed and killed by police in Louisiana. Nobody knows all the details, but their violent love story has become legend worldwide. Through evidence, personal stories, rumours, re-enactments, video and drawings, the meeting of Bonnie and Clyde is retold, exploring the motivations that drive our fascination with the life and death of these notorious lovers. Proto-type are seeking to push the boundaries of theatrical aesthetics and storytelling and will appeal to audiences who believe that exploring how you tell a story is as important as what the story is.

'A charming, lyrical attempt to redeem two of history's most notorious murders'

'The power and poetry of Petralia's writing is clear, spare, strong, and has plenty to say about the madness of love'
The Scotsman

Image © Proto-type Theater Ltd

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