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Demo audio: TWL by OilPanic - (

The summer party season just isn't complete without 3-winged butterflies, kaleidoscope speakers, teddy bears, muscle cars and deer. Freshen up your party and your visuals with something a little bit... different.
Lucidhouse delivers a new dish of lush, suprising, surreal, freakout in his 3rd Source Visuals delicacy: Mute Salad.

Tags: surreal, dream, butterfly, mashup, pop, color, animals, subconscious, techno, electro, dubstep, dnb, vj, visuals, trippy

lucidhouse - Morris La Mantia

Morris La Mantia is an audiovisual artist, designer, animator, art director
and gallery curator. Focusing on freeform audiovisual rhythms, live
performances, music promos and collaborative DVD albums,
La Mantia is narrowing the gap between your ears and your eyes.
Winner of ninjatune's Blockhead Film Competition.

"Besides trying to make sense of life … I mix live visuals to music. I could
describe my work as textured, subliminal and cerebral journeys, that break away
from the boundaries of prescriptive mass media entertainment, phasing surreal
grooves, strangely dreamlike trips, quirky, dark, worldly, serious, funny,
sexy and ****** up."

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