Every year we try something different. This is our first video card wishing you Happy Holidays for 2008. Some of the images are weathered to the edge of being recognizable. Since December 21, 2008 is the Solstice as well as greenmuseum.org 's 7th Birthday, it is a good time to create new patterns out of the challenges ahead and honor what is at the same time.

Best Holiday wishes to you all and may 2009 be filled with inspiring green art, peace and an extra helping of social and environmental justice. Thanks, as always, for your support. *****

Video editing: Sam Bower-- Footage: Amber Bieg-- Sound: Tim Rutili, Sheila Bosco, Glen Sherman, Fantasy Studios-- Voices: Sam Bower, Strijdom van der Merwe, Betsy Damon-- Additional Thanks: Jeroen van Westen, Kate Weigel, aharef.info *****

greenmuseum.org helps people create, present and appreciate art that heals our relationship with the natural world.

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