It's really not about anything. It was a project we were working on but only got through only about a third of the full script, due to scheduling conflicts but I didn't want to waste the footage so I decided to edit it anyway. The footage was our first rehearsal and never got the chance to hit it again.

Then I got inspired and recorded the soundtrack and added the TV audio clip in the background, from the T.V. Show, "How I Met Your Mother".

It was good practice overall, for my friends and me. It was the first time a group of us worked together and acted together as a complete crew... Wish I had that more often.

I had fun editing the Mono dialogue track into stereo... using compression techniques learned from doing my music throughout the years. I panned the characters left, center and right, respectively, shot to shot. Some of the audio didn't turn out the way I would've liked but what the hey... I did it over night with footage that was supposed to be scrapped.

The focusing and lighting was an issue as well. It was the first time we got to use our indie style 3 way lighting system (3 old ceiling halogen lights) so It took awhile to get the crew to situate between angles... and it was one of the first times I used Twoneil's 35mmPro adapter and I had a widescreen lens on the lens, which I later found out blurred the image a great deal more than without... but it was a great way to learn!

Continuity, audio and focusing issues aside, it turned out better than I thought it would... I really enjoy giving myself these little assignments to work on. Hopefully it'll add up to something someday... but till then, I'll keep working on my music!

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