Directed and Edited by Jonathan Krauth
Producer/Art Director: Michelle Allan

Sound Recording/Editing: Yonny Vizcaya

An Horse is an Aussie duo from Brisbane composed of Kate Cooper and Damon Cox. The pair met while working in a record shop and when the effects of listening and talking about music all day begain to take hold, the band was formed and the pair started rehearsing after hours.

The name An Horse comes from a common grammer malfuntion and a long standing debate between Kate and her neighbour... he even knitted her a sweater with the words An Horse stitched to the front to make his point!

We met the pair after sound check at the legendary Blitmore Caberet and strolled down the streets until we met up with the Green Couch waiting in an alley way. An Horse was awesome and played us two songs “Dressed Sharply” and “Post Cards” please enjoy.

Hosted By: An Alleyway

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