For our website we wanted to create a new header that would visualize our vision for the Monster world. Our Monsters are friendly, strong, sometimes a bit naughty or even shy. As you may have seen in MonsterDebugger the game, adventure is a big part of the Monster world as well.

While creating the new header, we loved the image so much, we decided we wanted to print it and hang it on one of our walls in the office cave. The result is a canvas print that brings color and a Monster feel to our studio. During the creation process, we captured all screen activity which we proudly present to you here.

You can download a desktop wallpaper at

The illustration is 12.047 x 6.142 pixels, making it a total of 73.992.674 pixels.
The printed version on our wall is 3,05 x 1,56 meters or 120,4 x 61,4 inch.

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