Series Premieres August 27th, 2011
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In his last attempt to save man kind, Dr. John Lewis injects the cure to a spreading infection, into his son. Because of the overwhelming population of infected people John is attracted by these monsters (now referred to as zombies), Leaving his son, Johnny Lewis orphaned. As humanity dwindles down three boys (Jack, Eric, and Todd) come across Johnny and accept him willingly into their group, not knowing that the key to humanity lies in their hands. The clues begin to unravel and and the plot thickens as the three boys realize that that this could be the key to humanities survival. This 5 part series will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very last seconds, wishing you could see more.

CRISIS is an original K.G. Studios Production directed by Kellen Gibbs and Peter Mounteer. Leading the cast, Matthew Mounteer takes on the role of Johnny Lewis as Peter Mounteer, Gabe Bileci, Jonathon Villarreal and Kellen Gibbs play the roles of (in order of actors named) Eric, Todd, Vince, and Jack. Other actors also in the film are Robin Olson, Jeremy Villucci, Cory Jones, Evan Thibeau, Phai Giron, and many more. Visual effects for the film are all originally done by K.G. Studios. Makeup and design by Phai Giron, Courtney Gibbs, Jess Gibbs and Robin Olson. Produced by Kellen Gibbs and originally scored by Ramon Jose(not in this trailer but in the film). The series also features music from the band the Smoking Mirrors. All material Copyright © K.G. Studios and it's affiliates.

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