I have always wondered what kinda of view I would get on the 4th of July from a mountain by my house.

I got home from traveling and only had minutes to spare to get to the location. To my surprise, hundreds of people had the same idea. I did not plan on speed hiking up the mountain to get to the top after traveling but it was my only option. I made it to the top with only seconds to spare. There really wasn't any room to set up a tripod, I was forced into the brush to get the shot.

My primary goal was to shoot stills. I decided to shoot video after failing to get all the shows in one shot. I also wanted to capture this rare moment in video.

The view was amazing, Over 15 Fourth of July Firework shows going on at once! Besides the nasty spider bit that I got from shooting on the side of the mountain in the brush, dropping my dinner on the hike up and hiking in heavy humidity this was a great lifetime experience.

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