Short film. An out of space view of a family going through a day in summer: kid prepares for the swimming pool, they dine together, father watches the game on TV... all outside of the frame.

Just feel the space, if it's cold - it's cold, if it's warm - it's warm. Q:-"How can space be warm or cold, it's empty?"

Let's not meet halfway: If you believe that purpose of the cinema is to entertain, please move along, there's nothing for you to receive here, honestly. Please be advised, the author of this work expects, nay, demands you give some effort; if you are in habit of or expect the work to take you by the hand and guide you blindly, perhaps this 4 minutes will be waste of your time. But it's all a play, all a celebration whether you see it so or not - if you give it opportunity perhaps it can communicate with you, not by ideas but perception. If you invest yourself in it, you become the creator of the meaning as much as the author of the work does, you see and fill the shots and in the end anybody exposed to it goes away with something completely different than the person watching it before or after.

Creating the language. We are constantly bombarded by the visual. Even the videos - a great possibility for personal expression, are slaving to commercials, beautiful shots, technical shots... the other part of the coin is melodrama; "grasping stories", "smart plots", directors trying so hard to convey emotions that they suffocate the viewer and rob the whole experience - everything is shown, viewer is never unguided in where to look and how to feel about what they're seeing. Sad part is that we're so accustomed to being shoved ideas down our throats that we actually want more and even celebrate people for cramming us, but if the works of art can help us grow, that certainly is not the right way to do it. It's so individual that if we want it to work the creator must allow the viewer to work it out on its own - only by challenging the viewer can piercing of the layers and freeing from our own minds occur. Technical possibilities these days allow people to obsessively "clean" up the mistakes - be it in sound, in diction or visually - and what it does, it makes everything sterile. By removing this "mistakes", human imperfections, we are destroying the openness and vulnerability. It really is hard to describe (and why should one even try...) to somebody who doesn't realize its own thoughts while being immersed in them (being affected while watching a film, or just living the life) but let's be honest, the more bunching around in this "phony" films - the slower, more static and closed off they are... it's as though principles of gravity don't affect them. Well this is DSLR camera used in most "static" (as the camera is not panning) way possible - if it weren't for the clouds or a shadow moving you wouldn't know if it's a photograph or video. Visual is here just to make the physical border, to allow the sound to take you outside of the frame, ignite your inner eye to start filling in the missing shots. No big ideas, just perception of life around us. Oh and dig this! The language spoken in the film is a made-up language, the sentences have no formal meaning. Life, nothing more, nothing less.

And if all this begging isn't enough: it's a tactile thing, alright?

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