A preview of my shot film shot using the GH2 hack in 4:3 MJPEG mode with a LOMO 2x anamorphic lens.

For the first time we can shoot as intended with a 2x anamorphic lens on a DSLR. 4:3 converts to true 2.35:1 cinemascope with such a lens. Anamorphic lenses were used on some great all time classics, Blade Runner and Alien for instance.

Shot: Berlin Potsdamer Platz and River Spree
Music: Brandon Flowers, Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas.

Read more about this video at EOSHD eoshd.com/content/3359/gh2-hack-footage-43-mjpeg-for-true-lomo-anamorphic-2-66-cinemascope

Pick up the EOSHD Anamorphic Shooter's Guide here: eoshd.com/anamorphic-guide

Thanks to Vitaliy Kiselev for making this possible.

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