Waking up at 9 am and leaving to go somewhere on time is rare in my books. Usually waking up at this time before heading to work also puts me in a grumpy mood but being woken up at the sound of 8000rpm down country roads reminds me that riding shot gun has its uses.

Finally meeting up with the h.i.s (Hondas in South) reminds me that low does not have to equate to slow all the time. Fyse's Integra, although minimal in nature, is one of the many amazing cars H.I.S has on offer and if you pay attention you'll see Simon's EG Civic, Chris's Civic Shuttle, Oli's Delsol and many other sweet rides, all part of H.I.S. Fyse's Integra just symbolises what H.I.S is all about. Clean, cool cars.

H.I.S has so many cars to offer and we will definitely be making another trip down to film another H.I.S video for them and their seriously decked motors. Stay tuned!




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