Video testimonial from a woman whos Frozen Shoulder was repaired with a highly effective non-surgical, therapeutic procedure. This procedure was administered by Dr. John Blenio, a Chiropractic Physician at Westside Chiropractic in San Mateo, California.

The program includes the following conservative therapies:
- Active Release Therapy - To all muscles of the rotator cuff, and the joint capsule.
- Trigger Point Therapy - Especially to the Teres Minor and Infraspinatus Muscles
- Mobilization - To the shoulder joint capsule (glenohumeral joint)
- Stretching - To the pectoralis muscles, joint capsule, deltoid muscles.
- and Strength Training - to the scapular stabilizer muscles, including the rhomboids, trapezius, serratus muscles.

Her Medical Doctor told her she would recover, but that it would take about 2 years. This is often the case for people who do not enter into an active rehabilitation program.

However, if you have frozen shoulder, and enter into an active therapeutic plan, Frozen Shoulder can be resolved relatively fast.

Dr. John Blenio works at Westside Chiropractic in San Mateo, California.

Call him at 650-349-2222

Dr. Blenio also runs a fitness boot camp in San Jose, California. Check out Get Fit Silicon Valley at WWW.GETFITSV.COM.

(Note: This testimonial was approved by the person being interviewed in this video.)

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