Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned... but I have found that the curveballs of life are oftentimes returned for a grand slam. I know it's a silly analogy, but that's how I felt about Tamara and Kevin's wedding.

We arrived in downtown LA to start shooting Tamara's preparations, but there was one tiny detail missing... Tamara. I didn't get all the fine points, but apparently the hair appointment earlier in the morning didn't go quite as planned and set everything back a couple hours. The amazing thing is, Tamara showed up with smiles, greeted everyone and then after pounding a little wine was off and running.

Then the flowers showed up. Again, I don't know all the details, but the flowers that Tamara had specifically asked not to have in her bouquet were there in abundance. For most brides, I think this would have sent them over the edge, but not Tamara. She rolled with it and as a result, we snagged some unbelievable footage on a downtown Los Angeles rooftop.

From there, we made our way over to The Marvimon. Last-minute preparations had been made, all our cameras were rolling, everyone was lined up to begin the processional and suddenly Kevin realized that there wasn't any music. The string ensemble that was supposed to be playing hadn't even shown up! Without missing a beat, Kevin handed his iPod to a friend and told them to download Canon in D and several other wedding songs. In just minutes, the DJ had the iPod and the processional began... with music.

Finally. The ceremony. Everything was going great, right up to the point where a bug decided to join the couple for communion (it landed in the juice). Again, Tamara and Kevin smiled, flicked the bug out and took communion together.

I write all of this because as it was going down, I kept waiting for someone to break. At any moment, I figured Tamara would morph into a Bridezilla or Kevin would turn into this fire-breathing monster, but it never happened. They took everything in stride and the result was one of the most beautiful weddings I've attended. Honestly, as a guest, you'd never know that things in the background weren't going just as planned, but I think the way those curves were handled made for some of the most genuine and moving moments we've ever captured through the lenses of our cameras. Kevin wanted to marry his fiancé and it didn't matter if there was a string quartet or iPod to usher her in. Likewise, Tamara was ready to say, "I do," and it didn't matter if her flowers weren't just right.

For these and many other reasons, I believe Tamara and Kevin are some of the coolest, most genuine and loving people you'll ever meet. It was an absolute honor getting to share in their special day and re-tell it through video. I hope that as they watch this trailer and remember all the unplanned craziness, they can see how the unexpected contributed flawlessly to an unforgettably perfect day. Enjoy.

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