Decided to revisit the FIU Bridge to do another timelapse. This time I wanted to experiment with using a Kessler Crane Shuttle Pod as a pulley to create a Timelapse Crane move.

I initially wanted to do a pan with the Kessler Crane Revolution Head as well as have the crane move upward, but I still have to get my time & distance calculations dialed in correctly. I incorrectly had the head moving alot slower than the crane, so I restarted the TL with just the vertical crane move.

As this was my first attempt using the shuttle pod, I was pretty pleased with the results :)

I can't say this enough, Kessler Crane products are rock solid and definitely allow you to do things you wouldn't usually be able to do with TLs and video production in general.

1. The lights behind the bridge are notorious for casting shadows when you have your equipment really close to the bridge :(
2. Thanks again to Rob (Benito) for bringing the OFF!
Warm Miami Summer Night + Mosquitos = Not a fun time TLing without bug spray!
3. Continuing to experiment and learn. Looking forward to making a 3rd visit to the bridge on a cool winter night, and use both the timelapse crane and a regular shuttle pod dolly move.
4. The Kessler Crane All-Terrain Wheels for the K-Pod Tripod have made it a breeze walking all over FIU with the crane fully set up.
5. If you do timelapses, especially motion timelapses, I strongly suggest getting Adobe Lightroom 3! When I do timelapses I sometimes get Hot/Dead/Stuck (whatever you want to call them) Pixels. They would be an absolute pain to remove from thousands of images, but Lightroom automatically makes them go "poof"! Black Magic I tell you, but I ain't complaining :)
6. Yes, as you can tell I really like Schiller's music for my timelapses.

On Timelapse Crane: Canon 7D with a Tokina 11-16mm @ F/4.0
On Manfrotto Sticks: Canon 5DMKII with a Zeiss 50mm @ F/2.8

Timelapse created in Quicktime Pro and final edit done in Adobe Premiere Pro using Magic Bullet Mojo

Music: "Atemlos" - Schiller
Gear Assistance: Rob Benito
Location: Florida International University

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