Premiering March 8, 2012 at UTSA Ballroom 2 from 8-11pm.

This is a documentary on the 'Smut for Smut' event put on by the Atheist Agenda Group on the campus of UTSA. 'Smut for Smut' is an event where people bring in their holy books in exchange for pornography. The documentary features 6 different people as they tell their stories on who they are, what they believe, and what they think of this event.

We are not affiliated with any religious, or atheist organization.
We are not seeking to convert or persuade anyone to a particular viewpoint.

We are a neutral group that wants people to learn from hearing others out and to challenge people to examine why they believe what they believe.

Film is a collective effort from all parties involved.

We follow the stories of 6 different people as they explain their response to the 'Smut for Smut' event put on by Atheist Agenda. Featured are two Atheists, one Agnostic, two Christians, and one Muslim.

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