Exercise 3- Flowering Tree
Goal- proper exposure and color balance
Take 1 results- proper exposure, color balance correct but coloration is "flat" or "dull"
Take 3 results- proper exposure, richer color. Maybe slightly warmer than "true" color but aesthetically pleasing
Factors for change- Color balance presets were experimentally changed using the on-camera LCD as a color reference until a pleasing look was obtained. I discovered the CLOUDY preset has a nice warming effect when shooting outdoors in heavy overcast lighting. It seems to add a little color punch without looking too artificial. Both shots would have benefitted from a much shallower depth of field but my research told me that due to the shutter speed required to prevent an artificial movement look (normal shutter angle= 1/50th sec) this would require using a strong ND filter, which was not available.
Exercise 4- People Walking
Goal- proper exposure and color balance
Take 1 results- Color balance acceptable but moderately underexposed, causing dull, grey whites and "flat" colors
Take 5 results- proper exposure with white (but not burned out) whites and richer color. (No change made in color balance).
Factors for change- The initial exposure looked dark in the on-camera LCD so I increased exposure using aperture. (This risked losing some depth-of-field in the scene but I didn't want to add noise by increasing ISO and my shutter had to stay at 1/60th sec to maintain a normal shutter angle again. Although a 2-stop increase in aperture still gave a meter reading of 1/3 under 0, the colors and whites on the on-camera LCD looked much improved at this setting.
After these exercises I have found that personally, I prefer to shoot using manual color balance settings, starting at a known normal for the lighting and dial it in from there. This does rely heavily on the on-camera LCD but I have found it to be quite consistent in variable lighting situations. I would likely only use the color balance presets if shooting in run & gun situations (ENG or action documentary).

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