David Ortiz is the perfect person to represent one of the three quotes for NVRBRKN.

After a long hiatus from being a successful retailer, Dave is back with a new retail concept called Dave's WEAR House. “Never Underestimate your opponent". NVRBRKN.

Join us on Monday July 18th 7 pm to launch the new collection while celebrating the grand opening of Dave's WEAR House located at 123 Baxter Street, New York, NY 10013

The NVRBRKN. concept collection is a new head-to-toe product line with a design philosophy to boost confidence when facing opposition. Never Broken is a metaphor about overcoming adversity, mentally and physically. The broken star logo is symbolic of the 7 point star within the DC logo. Despite the fracture, the star is still in its true formation. Skateboarders are a testament to this spirit, since they are known for their ability to adapt to obstacles on the street using an unorthodox approach. Their mentality is to get back on the board despite injuries and being overlooked. Skaters pave their own way in society with a mindset that allows them to succeed on and off the board.

“Never underestimate your opponent, never compromise, and never quit”. NVRBRKN.

To learn more visit: nvrbrkn.com

Follow us: twitter.com/dcnvrbrkn

NVRBRKN. Marketing Director: Hommy Diaz
Executive Producer: Hommy Diaz
Editing Assistant: Eldrich Legaspi
Videographers: Joe Gaetani | R.B. Umali | Jason Campbell
Track: The Stuyvesants | BK in the Blue

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