Performed July 6-12, 2011

Running Room exhibition
Curated by ACRE
Through July 20, 2011
Columbia College A&D Gallery
619 S. Wabash Ave.


Step 1: Start with a 100-foot roll of 16mm film. Make a note that this has 4,000 individual frames. Load the film into your Bolex camera. Wind the spring.

Step 2: Set up your tripod. Put the camera on the tripod.

Step 3: Build a contraption that exposes a single frame of film each time a ball strikes a piece of glass set up in front of your camera.

Step 4: Stand facing the camera. Throw a ball so that it activates your contraption and exposes one frame of film.

Step 5. Throw the ball 3,999 more times. Wind your camera when needed.

If you have missed any of your throws, use Step 6.

Step 6. Wind your camera. Stand facing the camera. Shoot the remaining film at 24 frames per second to complete the 100 foot roll.

Your film is now finished. Unload the camera and bring your film to the lab for processing.

(Documentation assistance: Madeleine Bailey)

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