Graphic package for a graffiti film called LUZ CAMERA PICHACAO straight from Brazil.
Too bad i didn´t go to Brazil.... Anyway the guys over there send me some beautiful pictures of Rio, enough to get the work done for their project.
it was great to participate in such a project and to be able to deliver and solve their graphic needs.

The film will be hitting some festivals in Europe so.. BEST OF LUCK!!!


Original Music by Manga Fina.
Sound Edition by Fatima Araujo.
Sound Mixing by Alexandre Borges.
Design and Animations by CeroTreees.
Script by Marcelo Guerra, Gustavo Coelho and Bruno Caetano.
co - Direction and Edition by Bruno Caetano.
Direction and Edition by Marcelo Guerra.
Direction and Research by Gustavo Coelho.
Produce by Have a nietzsche day Producoes.

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