"A film about kids. And the grown-up's who hit them."

Shot on a budget for only the filmstock. Destin had discussed with me about how he"did'nt care if the film looked ugly" and how he "did'nt want a glossy look to distract the audience from the actors". So we photographed it in S16mm, with mainly available light; flourecents, daylight, tungsten, often times within the same scene. At times I was required to light due to continuity, or exposure purposes. But the avail. lighting dictated the motivation for my non-lighting, lighting.

Along with the available light, the film is 100% handheld, and we limited ourselves to a couple takes per scene. We shot the 25 page script in 3 days. With those ideas set in place, the film at times borderlines feeling like a scripted narrative, or possibly a documentry.

I am proud to say that the film screened at the 09' Sundance Film Festival, winning the Jury Prize for Best U.S. Short Film:

For more info about the film, you can visit shortterm12.com

Directed by: Destin Daniel Cretton
Cinematography: Brett Pawlak

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