"This After Effectcs sequence was created from one feather that I illustrated completely in PhotoShop. It was imported into After Effects and animated using mettle's 3D Plug-in FreeForm Pro. There is a built-in feature called The Generator which can replicate a layer many times. The feather was placed on 14 different layers in After Effects, where FreeForm Pro was applied. Each layer had 500 replications of the feather done using the Generator feature of FreeForm Pro. Each instance was animated differently, but each grouping of 500 can be controlled with one set of controls. The Mirror Effect was applied in After Effects.
FreeForm Pro is GPU driven, so rendering was super fast, even with 1000's of replications, and millions of polygons." - Chris Bobotis (Creator of FreeForm Pro)

3DNAE is Mettle's proprietary, hardware acclelerated, 3D engine. We use industry leading openCL and openGL as well as proprietary algorithms to achieve unprecedented effects in Adobe After Effects.

Visual by Chris: mettle.com
Original sound design by Charles Vannier at Musa Machina : musamachina.com


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