Client: LG Uplus
Planning,Postproduction: Indigo
Debut Date: 2011/07/11


A surprise you’ve never experienced!
Incredible newness!
U+ was born newly as 4G LTE.
The history of Republic of Korea Network service will now be changed.

U + LTE offers the fastest speeds among existing mobile networks with a maximum of 5 times more speed than 3G.

Even if it is compared with 4G rival companies, it boasts, amazingly, speeds 2 times greater.

U+ LTE is a world standard technical LTE which was selected by over 200 operators, and it has shown speeds 2 times faster than 73 Mbps, more than KT WiBro.

It also boasts 2 times greater speed because of 10Mhz expanded Frequency Bandwidth; more than SKT LTE that serves a 5Mhz Frequency Bandwidth, and has a 50% share of existing 2G member in the same LTE.

If we compare this to a highway,
it is like driving a car on a five-lane with SKT LTE and double-wide ten-lane with U+LTE.

The world that we used to imagine can become reality because of the advanced technology and speed of U+LTE.

U+ LTE has seamless 5.1 channel High Definition video streaming service

Which makes it possible to download high capacity content while walking, and it can play 3D Network Game with several users at a time with no lag,

and it is able to own a high capacity video data jointly as going and moving to the various device machinery and tools.

Also U+LTE is cleaner, the call quality which has no shade area possible with using a golden frequency of 800mhz,
and can provide 4G services of the high quality which is more stable.

Unlike other competitive companies that construct 4G networks only for the data road, we, as the first in the nation, construct the biggest and most nationwide network differently, in order to provide a network that precedes in both voice and data
Through this construction, we can provide the most comfortable Network environment which you can meet the quickest, the cleanest and the surplus 4G services at anywhere you stand.
Through the strongest 4G LTE Network and the millions of Wi-Fi Networks, U+ Zone has covered the whole country.

U+’s strong construction has surpassed the Network system of the Republic of Korea, and of course, all of the world.
The history of Korean Network Service will be changed by U+ which was prepared ideally for the fourth network generation

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