The goal of the edp commercial is to introduce the new modular identity for edp created by Sagmeister, Inc. The new identity is built using four fundamental shapes: a circle, half circle, square and triangle. These four shapes were combined and layered to build dozens of unique edp logomarks. This same graphic system was used to build hundreds of illustrations within the same visual language. Sagmeister worked with Brand New School to transform these logos and illustrations into the EDP commercial.

Sagmeister Inc.:
Creative Director: Stefan Sagmeister
Art Director/Designer: Jessica Walsh
Illustrations: Jessica Walsh
Additional Illustrations: Stephane Elbaz, Xavi Garcia, Michael Freimuth

Brand New School:
Exec. Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Art Director: Christopher Palazzo
Designers: Robin Greenwood, Caleb Halter, Phil Intralligi
2D Animators: Robin Greenwood, Scott Balles, Andrew Mastrocinque, Hye Sung Park
Additional Artist: Andrew Rothschild
Executive Producer: Devin Brook
Producer: Derek Macleod

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