29 April 2004

Spring Music Festival
California Institute of the Arts

REDCAT Roy and Edna Disney | CalArts Theater
Los Angeles, California

Sekaa Gong Burat Wangi

I Nyoman Wenten, Artistic Director
Nanik Wenten, Dance Director

Talakalam, for tabla soloist and gamelan gong kebyar (1999)

Hindustani and Balinese musics are compatible in many ways and have some common roots, but history has seen to their obvious differences. I have tried to build musical structures that contrast the improvisational freedom of solo tabla performance with the combined leadership and improvisation of Balinese solo kendang and the rehearsed precision of modern Balinese gamelan. All of this is shaped with a Western concern for development, unity, and dramatic curve. The magic of wordplay and imbedded meanings permeate the literary traditions that link Indian and Balinese thought. "Talakalam" is an invented name that contains, reading both forwards and backwards, Sanskrit, Balinese and Indonesian words for musical meter (tala), mind (akal), time (kala), serene (kalam), nature (alam), and musical instrument (alat). It is also, save for the first and last letters, a palindrome symmetrical around K. This reflects the architecture of the music, which, though not palindromic, is structured so that the middle and ending are transformed returns of the beginning. The anomalous letters M and T are my composer's signature.

- Michael Tenzer, composer

penabuh (musicians) :

Jim Santi Owen, tabla
I Dewa Putu Berata, kendang
Wayne Vitale, kempli

Liam Mooney, pemade
Mike Robbins, pemade
Jeff Purmort, ugal
Jon Parsons, kantilan
Miriam De Los Santos, kantilan
Geoff Dent, reyong
Adam Keeney, reyong
Katherine Hagedorn, reyong
Pete Steele, reyong
Matthew Segal, ceng-ceng
Julie Simon, calung
Sarah Howe, calung
Ira Miler, jegogan
Dan Delboy, jegogan
Bob Bellerue, gong

Allen M. Stovall
L.A. Lightworks

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