(Best in headphones) Spend 3 minutes peering into a slow stirring to realization in "Lazarus". With hints of memory, love, and the "here and now" all mixed into a limbo, surreal shades of sensation gradually resolve into greater and greater clarity... until the situation is revealed.

3 minute short made by Sharad Patel, featuring performances by Cathy Baron and Renee Edd.

The imagery goes from my interpretations (based on their eye structure) of the viewpoint of a caterpillar to butterfly to spider (from simple to complex).

The ending shot is real documentary footage, but with looped dialogue to preserve a fictional context.

The hallucination style was derived from creative interpretations of the scientifically theorized visual perception of the following creatures in order of increasing human-like vision:

1. Caterpillar
2. Butterfly
3. Dragonfly
4. Spider

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