Video edited and shot by Keith Jenson
All public domain footage obtained at
All Angelspit footage obtained at

Public Domain footage:

"Owning the Peacock" Directed by Stephen Marshall Produced by Carmela Baranowska
Electric Sheep graphics by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep
"Betty Boop's Crazy Invention" by Fleischer Studios
"Flip the Frog-Fiddlesticks" by UB IWERKS
"Thread of Life" by Warner Brothers
"Check the Neck" by Lost Chords of New Jersey
"Gateways to the Mind" by Warner Brothers
"Alphabet Conspiracy" by Frank Capra Productions
"Mystery of Time" by The Moody Institute of Science
"Your Junior High Days" by McGraw-Hill Films
"Electric Eel" by The Moody Institute of Science
"Know For Sure" Directed by Lewis Milestone Produced by Darryl F. Zanuck
"Destruction: Fun or Dumb?" by Counselor Films, Inc.
"Innocent Party" by The Kansas Board of Health
"Our Obligation" by the Los Angeles Fire Department
"Safety With Animals" by Grover-Jennings Productions
"Wonder of Our Body" by the Moody Institute of Science
"Operation Ivy" by Joint Task Force 132/US Air Force
"Drugs Are Like That" by WPBT-TV
Untitled Sperm Footage by unknown
"A Very Special Man" by the US Navy
"Comparative Tests On A Human and a Chimp" by P.S.U
"Ascaris-A Human Parasite" by Dan Gavin
"Health Hazards of Pesticides" by Communicable Disease Center(US)
"Insects Astray" by Geigy

Angelspit YouTube footage:

"Angelspit Live HD" by Christine Lines
"Grind(Live)" by Christine Lines
"Audio Fuckery" by acidchild
"Angelspit 100%" by alanjc
"100%" HD by Drew K. Forrest
"Vena Cava" music video by Drew Bowie and Brad Wylie
"Fuck the Revolution" music video by Angelspit
"Fuck the Revolution"(Live) by x0grmz0x
"Kill Kitty"(Live) by Christine Lines
"Sleep Now" by Angelspit

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