Introducing the ARKYM AeroSport 3-Series Carbon Fiber Diffuser collection, including the all-new AeroSport E90 Sedan M3 Rear Diffuser. In our presentation, we indicate different design elements, vehicle compatibilities, and a review of Arkym diffuser options available for the E9X 3-series platform.

E92 M3 enthusiasts deserve the best fitted, most aggressive and organically designed rear diffuser option available - our widely popular AeroSport E92 M3 Rear Diffuser has been a benchmark in the AeroSport "bolt-on" modification lineup due to its fluid design. The perfect fitment and lateral fin depth quickly embraces any aftermarket exhaust system, defining OEM design cues, and perfecting a rear look for the E92 M3. Available in 1x1 Carbon Fiber Weave, with optional Carbon Kevlar and 4x4 'V' Weave Construction.

Two ARKYM AeroSport rear diffuser options have also become available for the E92 M-Sport 3-Series: Arkym AeroSport M-Sport E92 3-Series Dual and Quad Rear Diffuser series. As a styling cue so quick to "bolt-on", we are proud to bring these options to 3-Series enthusiasts looking for carbon fiber individualism. And while some may prefer the traditional dual exhaust system upgrade, an option to transform and complement the rear look of the vehicle exists with our wider, carbon fiber quad rear diffuser. Both options also bring much needed accent rings to those with aggressive exhaust tip upgrades and are standard with much more prominent lateral diffuser strakes than the OEM product offering replaced. Available in 2x2 Carbon Fiber Weave.

Lastly are the finally answered wishes of E90 M3 sedan owners in our production of the Arkym AeroSport E90 M3 Sedan Rear Diffuser. A subtle, classy, and simplistically aggressive design fit for a track-star sedan, our diffuser completes the unique look of the E90 M3 sedan rear end. A fluid and organic design takes form, much like the E92 M3 rear diffuser variant, not to overly spoil the sedan nature of this M3. We are proud to deliver one of the 'cleanest' and only production-grade rear diffusers for the E90 M3 Sedan to date. Available in 1x1 Carbon Fiber Weave, with optional Carbon Kevlar and 4x4 'V' Weave Construction.

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