A couple of vco's squeezed through a Tiptop Audio z2040 lowpass filter, iced with delay from an MOTM e580 and frequency shifting from an MOTM e560. The z2040 is also used as master vca for the vco mix.
Pitch sequence is coming from two rows of a Tiptop Audio z8000 matrix sequencer, quantized through an Intellijel µscale. Clocks are coming from an a160 clock divider. Manual tweaks on the z2040 and the µscale.

Not all modules shown in the video are part of the patch,
but the video doesn't show the complete patch anyway ;)
So here is a list of all modules used in this patch:
Doepfer: a132-2, a137-2, a138c, a138m, a143/2, a143/3, a143/9, a160, a166, a185-2
Intellijel: µatt, µscale
Malekko: Wiard Oscillator
Synthesis Technology (MOTM): e350, e560, e580
Tiptop Audio: z2040, z3000mk1, z3000mk2, z8000

Note: You may notice some audible artifacts in the beginning and the end of the video,
when the z2040 filter is more closed. This is caused by the video compression.
There is absolutely no aliasing in my original audio recording.

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