In July of 1971, three American surfers headed into the vast surf region of Nova Scotia. The three were, Jeff Crawford, Bruz Bowden, and myself Ralph Fatello.

We knew of only two surfers who lived and surfed there. We believe that we were the FIRST American Surfers to Surf these breaks. We also know, that this is the FIRST known footage of surfing in Nova Scotia. The quality of the footage is terrible. We used a cheap super 8mm movie camera that belonged to my dad.

We all took turns shooting each other. And as hard as this is to believe...we took NO still photos.

What you are about to view has NEVER been seen before outside a select group of individuals who have seen this footage. Again, this is the FIRST known footage of surfing Nova Scotia. In fact I challenge anyone out there to produce any evidence that disputes this claim.

You won't find me. This is it.

Music by CSN&Y and AB.

The amazing Summer of 1971. I hope you like it...


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