This promotion video is a paradise spot for men called "to-Gen-kyo(桃源郷)" in the adult SIM.(The owner is Japanese "Takeshi Bigbear")
"If I wasn't hard, I wouldn't be alive. If I couldn't ever be gentle, I wouldn't deserve to be alive" These lines are famous phrases of Philip Marlowe who is the detective of the hard-boiled novel which Raymond Chandler produced. The wonderful video which carried a lot of the coolness of such a man was able to produce this promotion video.
I thank a large number of performers who had photography cooperate very much. (performers:Takeshi Bigbear,Sin0124 Bigbear,Vitamen Hax, HOTDIVECore,Tsuchinoko Voom)
Then please enjoy a scene of beautiful SIM and the appearance of cool men.
It is comment of Takeshi of the SIM owner as follows.
「Gay's for gay paradise. 
 There is a chapel where the wedding only for the gay couple is held, too. 
 *Jungle and nude beach where cruising can do (can be done)
 *Facilities that can be used by lovers
 *The men's shops where the quality is high ..etc.. 
 by all means.  Please visit it!」
 ☆tou-Gen-kyo(桃源郷)Official Blog

☆tou-Gen-kyo slURL
 ☆tou-Gen-kyo(桃源郷) MEN'S SHOP
 ●VITAMEN(VITAMEN Adult Mix Shop) (US) (JP)


 ●大熊屋【OHKUMA-YA】(MEN'S T-shirt)

 ●槌鋸本舗 【Tsuchinoko-Honpo】(Japanese modan)

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