Hannah and Jess from Vimeo were on holiday in the UK and they came to visit us in Bath! The only night that worked out was the night of our Graduation from University, so it was a little more booze fuelled and manic than usual! I think we gave them a good introduction to the English tradition of binge drinking though, and the West Country Cider! They held their own marvelously!

Hannah and Jess were totally lovely, although we didn't get a chance to hang out that much. They say they're coming back next summer, so may the good times roll!

"I'm a DJ" comes from the dare for the night which was to say to people "I'm a dj" and try and get them to buy you a drink. I tried it at the bar, and it went like this:

"That's £2.80 please"
"I'm a DJ."
"I'm a DJ."
"Sorry, the DJs here don't get free drinks."
"Ok, sorry, cheers."

Hannah, however, approached a young gentleman, asserted that she was a DJ and managed to coax a free pint of cider from him! Good job missus!

It was a fun and emotional weekend. Now us Bath lot are graduates, and we have all gone our separate ways. It is the end of a glorious era, but we will meet up soon enough and live it up like in the good old days! I love you all, homelads, it was an incredible few years!


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