"Precursors are characteristic wave patterns caused by dispersion of an impulse's frequency components as it propagates through a medium. Classically, precursors precede the main signal, although in certain situations they may also follow it. Precursor phenomena exist for all types of waves, as their appearance is only predicated on the prominence of dispersion effects in a given mode of wave propagation. This non-specificity has been confirmed by the observation of precursor patterns in different types of electromagnetic radiation (microwaves,[1] visible light,[2] and terahertz radiation[3]) as well as in fluid surface waves[4] and seismic waves.[5]"


red-cyan anaglpyh version/

sound (samples from)/

Buckfunk 3000 - Jump High Volume (Hecqs High Volume Jumping)
ilkae - honeycomb draft
soundcloud.com/ilkae/honeycomb-draft [not available anymore]
modeselektor - EM ocean

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