super old skate video labeled Visions. second video i have filmed. first one was "paying for free" you can find it on youtube in parts.

Starring - Chan Seng, Mikey Chim, EC (HC), Ricky Webb, Gustavo.

0:00- Intro
2:00- Chan Seng
4:00- Mikey Chim
5:30- Montage
8:30- EC and Ricky Webb
10:17- Gustavo
13:13- Credts
17:08- Markus taylor outro...

Montage Skaters= Free Danny Miranda, Deshaun, Free Jose Garcia (Elmo), Janneuer Chan, Justin Mangold, Danny Guerrero, Juice Kevin Paylor, Ricky, Markus Taylor, Quisey, Gustavo, Ricky Rin, Julian Davidson, Alec Jamir.

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