Many tell me that Ergun apologized. Yet in his apology, he explicitly says that he did not lie. Many agree. Still, if telling people that you came to this country a decade later than you did is not a lie, then why should we trust these people?

2min 24 seconds of the Colonel. 6min 41 seconds of Caner. This video is probably the most fair that I have been to Caner. I have posted the longest audio clip in my entire video series. I want people to know that this is not one misstatement. This is an entire story that he weaves. The clip ends shortly after he talks about watching Rick Flair in Turkey. I wonder if he has told Rick Flair this?

On September 25, 2010, Caner said, "You learn to live with adversity. You learn through adversity. And it takes more than edited videos to knock me down." Don't trust me. The unedited video is below. I have provided about ten minutes of it in this video. Still you must watch the whole thing. None of Caner's or Geisler's explanations explain the story that he tells April 15, 2005.

Cited Links

Tim Lee’s statements

September 25, 2010 article where Ergun says he did not lie.

The unedited Marine videos

Ergun Caner’s Apology

Norman Geisler’s statements

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