This screen movie shows how I can build a piano in Live that will map to the first row of my Livid block (or Ohm64). This is in response to a user's support question:

Hi Luca,
There's a few ways of doing this. If you drop an Impulse instrument into a track, it will listen to MIDI notes to trigger the various sounds. I'm pretty sure the default map is to trigger the sounds starting at C3, and continue using the notes of a major scale. In numbers, this would be:
60 62 64 65 67 69 71 72
If you want notes from the block passed to the track's Impulse instrument, the block needs to be selected in the Live MIDI Prefs and turned on for "Track", and the "MIDI From" menu in the track needs to have block selected (or "All Ins"). The track will need to be armed for recording, too.

You could create a preset in the blockEditor that would map those notes to a row, then save the values to the block. This might be the easiest way, but it's the least instructive!

Another method: you could use one of Live's Note Matrix midi effects (under Live Devices/MIDI Effects/Scale in the Live browser) to transpose the notes. This would be a nice result, and with different presets, you could have lots of different maps at hand, but would no doubt be challenging, as you'd have to do all sorts of fussing with the note matrix, the transpose, the lowest key, etc, and make many mistakes along the way!

Another solution is to use a Drum Rack. I've made a video that shows how I build a drum rack from a simple piano instrument (this will work regardless of the type - you'll see in the video), then transpose samples to create a scale on the first row of my Ohm64 (the note values and process are the same for the block).
The basic idea is to first add an instrument (doesn't matter which one, really), group it to a Drum Rack (right click on the instrument title bar to get that menu), delete the instrument from its default placement, thus making a blank rack, then start dragging instruments to the Drum Pads that correspond with the notes coming from the first row of the block's button grid, which happen to be:
0 8 16 24 32 40 48 56
You can see in the video that I used MIDI Monitor ( to get the note names from the buttons. However, during the movie, I got smarter and realized that the appropriate Pad would flash in the Rack when I pressed a button on the Ohm64.

I hope this helps!


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