Thank you Vimeo for this opportunity, not only for me but for everyone who wants to grow more in their passion and skills.
I waned to say more in the video but 2 minutes is 2 minutes (and a few seconds ;)
Enjoy the vid, I'm really putting my heart on this one as well as I will put my heart on the team if given a chance to be part of it.

This entry didn't make it through the final selection. Nevertheless I was so grateful for the effect this experience brought me. Thank you so much Vimeo and all the staff, you guys rock the word awesome.

P.S. Kudos to the chosen applicants! Rock it!

[Learning Process | drill 05]

I learned a lot from the making of this video. Well, not so much technically speaking - but 'personally'. I would say that this experience had an impact on me that some aspects of my life will never be the same again. This is the only experience that I've seen myself really worked hard on something. I mean, really put everything I've got - blood, sweat, and tears so to speak ;) Most of the time I'm just kinda aloof and passive :) Not anymore! It made me realize that I can do way way lot more with whatever little I have in my sleeves.

Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Lens: Canon 18-135mm f3.5-5.6, and canon 50mm f1.8
Edits and minor color grading: Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

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