The Place To BE, Is the Isle of Capri.

For the eighth annual "March Get Together'

This is your chance to meet other video folks
in person and learn from each other face to face.

With on-line happenings taking over the world,
This is the place to be for meeting your peers,

There is nothing like seeing something new and exciting
demonstrated right in front of you so you can really see how it works and what it will do for you.

The 8th annual "March Get Together" gives you the chance to meet with national vendors, and touch and feel their products.

Certainly it's nice to be able to see a picture of it
on your computer, but it is so much better to see it in person and have the manufacturer show it to you right there. You don't have to wait to download anything.

The "Isle" of Capri is the place to be in March of 2012

Registration forms will be available soon at

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