Sound-Light-Installation in the Red Light District of Braunschweig
Interactive 9-channel sound wall and 3-channel sound column
with red shining loudspeakers and a metal plate.

What does men think when they are going to prostitutes? How do they feel, what are their fears and hopes? Georg Klein made together with Dorothea von Stillfried interviews with costumers of prostitutes in the "Bruchstraße" in Braunschweig, a famous, 500 year old street for prostitutiion.
A lot is known on prostitutes, their lifes - sometimes tragic, sometimes just professional - but almost nothing is known about the men going to them.
At the sound wall the passers-by were interactively called by womens voices like the prostitutes do in the street, but in a musically transformed way. At the sound column the voices of the men out of the interviews can be listened by pushing a button. On top of the column a red neon writing shows the title of the work: "Sprich mit mir" (Talk to me).

Supported by Konsumverein Braunschweig: klangstätten | stadtklänge

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