As artists, we have learned that throughout the history of mankind music and technology have co-evolved, shaping --- and being shaped by --- human expression and creativity. The variety and intricacy of these recombination processes contribute profoundly to the current diversity of performative structures and aesthetics within the arts. Where art Thou? is a 15 minute theatrical performance where sounds are controlled by sensors on the dancer's body. Blending a mixture of electronic music and sound effects with dance and acting, this novel act refocuses sensors from simplistic action-to-sound to contextualized aesthetic and dramatic expression. The name reflects the itinerant quality of the stage character as he travels through a world of sounds.

=== About the performers:

Yago de Quay: Interactive media artist, musician and researcher based in Porto. His numerous installations and performances focus on user participation contributing to modify the art piece itself. They always have a strong sonic component and combine technologies to help create new modes of expression. Yago is currently finishing his M.Sc. in Sound Design and Interactive Music at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto.

Ståle Skogstad: PhD student in the fourMs group at the University of Oslo. His research is focused on using real-time full-body motion capture technology for musical interaction. This includes real-time feature extraction from full body motion capture data and technical studies of motion capture technologies. He is currently working with the Xsens MVN inertial sensor suit.

=== Recorded at:

11th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression. 30 May - 1 June 2011, Oslo, Norway.

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