A collection of the small clips I managed to get using my still camera. The full paint process (start to finish) took 3 hours. Music was added and brief transitions. It was my first of 2 years performing as Krystal from Starfox, rather than my usual persona.

Cabaret Fur Le Dance is Califur's solution to providing some tasteful adult entertainment with all proceeds going to charity. $3000+ was raised for a local reptile sanctuary from the auctions and Cabaret Fur Le Dance combined.

Paint by: Stalking Cat
Prosthetic and blending: Mike Ohara

Audio Credits
"From The Hip"
Composed by:Ernie Lake, Scott P. Schreer, Eitan Graff, and Nir Graff
Courtesy of: Freeplaymusic

Composed by: Robin L. Klein, Scott P. Schreer
Courtesy of: Freeplaymusic

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