This documentary discusses violence that Egyptian students encounter in the school (classrooms, hallways, playgrounds, etc.), and the impact of such violence on the student emotional health. There is a well-proven correlation between a sense of individual security and the levels of educational attainment students achieve during their days in school. Invited experts analyze the school environment, and present opinions on feelings and sentiments given by students (both male and female) on various forms of violence and coercion that currently permeate many Arab world schools. Students, mental health professionals and social scientists draw conclusions on the relationship that may exist between violence in schools and students’ personal lives once education is completed. The film presents the case of one Arab mom whose child had been the target of violence and abuse in the school, and the impact of that violence throughout the child’s life (which continues to impact the child’s life, attitudes and actions to this date).

Documentary Focus:
• Examining the effects of violence seen by students in television, movies and other forms of mass media on student relationships in school.
• Exploring factors that contribute to difficult relationships that arise during the school year which pit Arab students against their teachers.
• Analyzing ways that school curricula impact students, causing them to react strongly against teachers and school administrators. Identify possible modifications to curricula and school environments that reinforce positive performance among Egyptian students.

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