Lauren and Dennis' wedding was absolutely amazing! It is a day that will never be forgotten by so many people. Thank you guys for allowing all of us that were there to witness and experience the strong and vibrant love you have for one another. We all are better people for being there! We love you two and are so excited for you as you start this great adventure called marriage!
I have had the unique pleasure of not only being a producer of their wedding film but also having the joy and responsibility of being best man. Right after Dennis asked me to be best man, he made it very clear to me that I am to have nothing to do with shooting his wedding. He wanted to make sure I would be able to enjoy this experience with him. So needless to say I was bummed that I wasn't gonna be able to try out the new GoPro bow tie cam...hehe...just kidding!
This all took place right around the time Scott and I were to collaborate on a project with Bill Gaff of humanstory. The three of us were eager and excited with the prospect of working together. Before the collaboration with Bill, Scott and I attended IN[FOCUS] down in New Orleans. IN[FOCUS] is an amazing conference for event filmmakers to grow their skills and to grow their businesses. While attending the conference, we hung out with Matt Davis of Lifestage Films, who is an awesome event filmmaker and who is a filmmaker we have tried to collaborate with on projects in the past but could never coordinate schedules. So, this is when and where the light bulb went off in my head. A collaboration with Bill Gaff, Matt Davis, Scott Strimple and myself for my best friend's wedding. What? Are you kidding me? I started thinking to myself. There is no way three successful and talented wedding filmmaking companies will be able to come together and shoot the same wedding. I approached Matt and explained the situation and he immediately jumped on board. Awesome! Then I approached Bill and he said yes. Amazing! And of course Scott was eager to head up a team of such talented and great filmmakers. Incredible! I was so thrilled to have coordinated an amazing film crew for Dennis and Lauren's wedding. At this point my work was done. I was able to experience one of the greatest days of my life and not worry about how the footage would turn out. Priceless!

Scott's point of view from the stand point of the shoot...

Collaboration between highly experienced event filmmakers should not be underestimated. We got the most awesome storytelling and cinematic footage during this wedding! Whats more is that we were able to all three do our very own thing throughout the day and come together when needed. I could concentrate totally on my own work knowing that Bill and Matt would return solid footage. Martin was able to cover the interviews of the bride and groom during the rehearsal while Bill rounded out the wedding day interviews. On the morning of the wedding Martin called me to share that the father of the bride had a surprise planned. No one except the filmmakers knew that there would be a small aircraft towing a banner at the very moment Dennis and Lauren were saying their vows. We were able to coordinate Bill shooting the bride and groom with me shooting the father and Matt capturing the banner. This is my favorite part of the sneak peek... an already emotionally charged event is taken to the next level. Thanks to Event DV25 artists Bill Gaff and Matt Davis for your professionalism, talent and camaraderie during this most magical of days for Dennis and Lauren. Martin ... what can I say... your awesome! Great interviews and nothing short of brilliance with the edit.

Martin's point of view from the stand point of the edit...

To describe the editing process, I would have to use words such as amazing, awesome, incredible, you get my drift. Scott, Matt and Bill delivered such wonderful footage that it made the editing process a complete thrill. On top of the great footage, the process was a very personal experience to say the least. At times it was hard for me to see the footage through my tears. That was something I wasn't used to. Normally, our sneak peeks are 3-5 mins long but there were so many great moments captured by the great team that I just kept going with it. You may also notice, if you have seen some of our work, that Lauren and Dennis' sneak peek has a different feel then normal and that is a direct reflection of the collaboration. When you add two new artistic points of view to your team then the end result can't help but take on a life of it's own, even if it means creating a feel that is different from what you are used to delivering. This realization truly excited me and allowed me to grow as an editor and for that I am truly thankful for all that were involved.
Speaking of all that were involved, I have to talk about some of the other wedding professionals Lauren and Dennis had take part in their day. First on that list is Jack Looney of Jack Looney Photography. We have worked with Jack before and got along beautifully. Not only is Jack an amazing photographer but he is an amazing team player. He truly embraces the idea that we all have to work together to create the product that couples are hiring us for. Jack you are the man and we can't wait to work with you again.
Claire Goodman of Sacred Ground Ceremonies has to be one of our favorite people to see when we are shooting a wedding. When Claire is involved you know the ceremony is going to unfold beautifully and be a true reflection of the couple's personalities. It is an honor and a pleasure to film Claire's ceremonies.
Next to mention would have to be the staff at Veritas Vineyard and Winery. These guys are top notch at what they do and their hospitality is a pleasure to take part in. Thanks guys for not only making Dennis and Lauren's dream wedding come true but also for making all of the wedding professionals feel welcomed.
The reception wouldn't have been the same without Derek Tobler as the DJ. Things always seem to sound a bit better whenever he is around. Thanks for keeping all of our feet taping and for keeping us informed with all of the night's formalities.
To rap things up, I have to say that Lauren and Dennis' wedding weekend was truly full of love and excitement, which you will witness in their sneak peek. I am honored to have been there as Dennis' best man and I am honored to have put their sneak peek together. I love you guys!

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