The Singularity (Pilot)

TV Series Pilot - (based on trans-humanism/singularity)

Reality is way more scary then fiction... What is happening everyday in laboratories around the world moves humanity toward a future more spectacular then sci-fi could write. Our near future will soon force us to face life questions from humanities past. However fear of rapid change will polarize the world concerning questions of ethics, morality, and spirituality. To prevent Armageddon, an international totalitarian bureau, run by an evil shadowy figure, has been established to control the development and distribution of controversial life enhancing bio, nano, cognitive and information technologies.

Theses, a mysterious wealthy billionaire has taken it upon himself to help a leading scientist Dr. Bo Reed continue his work, but his intentions are not what they seem. What they discover will lead mankind to a new age of unimaginable possibilities and consequences ... "The Singularity"

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