Patricia is also painting elephants for the parade
Soundtrack from an Indian forest by Genghis Attenborough
With a remaining global population of perhaps as few as 30,000 scattered across 13 different countries,
the endangered Asian elephant is threatened by severe habitat loss and subsequent conflict with people,
as well as poaching and cutting down of forests for the Palm oil in our foods. They live in a greater range of habitats than any other mammal besides humans,
and have been described as the “creative power of nature” on account of the vital role that they play in shaping and sustaining the richness of their habitats. Asian elephants are the flagship species for Elephant Family . Join @elephantfamily campaign to stop elephants from being killed by speeding s more tracks running faster trains push into elephant habitat, further accident hotspots will be created.
Despite repeated requests from the Ministry of Environment & Forests and conservation organisations, the Indian Railways Department refuses to slow down trains passing through elephant habitat............
The endangered Asian Elephant animation won the Dave White " Natural selection" competition and was shown at the Hospital Club gallery covent garden alongside Dave White's paintings
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